Root Canal Therapy By N. Perry Orchard on January 03, 2013

Root Canal TherapyMany people have heard the term “root canal” before, and yet there are a lot of misconceptions about what the procedure entails. When you meet with a skilled Corpus Christi cosmetic dentist, you may find that you need one in order to alleviate tooth pain. The team at our practice would like to take a few moments right now to look at root canal therapy. We will discuss how and why it is performed, and also give you some pointers on how to avoid root canal treatments.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure in which the pulp inside of a tooth is removed. This procedure is performed with some regularity by our cosmetic dentists in Corpus Christi, and it's actually not as painful as its reputation.

Why are root canals performed?

Inside of every tooth is a pulp chamber. Inside of the chamber is dental pulp, which nourishes the tooth and is also connected to nerves leading down the tooth root into the jaw. When a tooth is decayed or damaged, bacteria can infect the dental pulp. This will result in acute pain for the patient, and if left untreated, the infection can actually spread. That's why it's important to visit our practice for cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Corpus Christi should you notice and undue discomfort.

The Ideal Candidates for Root Canal Therapy

The best candidates for root canal therapy are people who have infected dental pulp that causes them to feel pain or discomfort.

The Root Canal Procedure

During a root canal procedure, anesthetic is used so that patients do not feel any undue discomfort. The dentist uses a drill to access the pulp chamber. The dental pulp is carefully extracted, and the pulp chamber is then cleaned and thoroughly sterilized. Of any bacteria Once that is completed, an inert material is used to fill the hollowed-out pulp chamber.

Once the pulp chamber is filled, the last part of the root canal procedure is the use of a dental crown. Corpus Christi dental crowns are caps that fit over a tooth to protect it from damage and injury. With the cap in place, patients will be able to smile with confidence and chew normally.

Avoiding the Need for Root Canal Therapy

First it should be stated that the best way to avoid undergoing a root canal is to take good care of your general dental health. That means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing every night. It's also important that you visit your dentist twice a year in order to receive solid preventative care.

Other Considerations for Effective Dental Care

In addition to these concerns, let us also state that there are plenty of other restorative and cosmetic treatments out there to consider, including treatments for missing teeth, gum recession, stained teeth, and much, much more. We will be more than happy to discuss all this with your during your visit.

Learn More About Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

For more information about your many different options for effective dental care, be sure to contact our Corpus Christi cosmetic dentistry practice today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best possible decisions about your dental health.

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