Treat a Twisted Tooth for a More Attractive Smile By N. Perry Orchard on July 26, 2017

Dental examMost people desire straight, white teeth, but it can be hard to achieve the ideal smile without a little cosmetic help. If a single tooth is flawed, it can detract from the entire appearance of the smile. This is especially true when a patient has a twisted tooth. A twisted tooth can make the teeth look crooked and uneven. By addressing a twisted tooth, we can enhance the beauty of the smile and make the teeth appear straighter and more uniform.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments help patients achieve their aesthetic goals by addressing oral flaws, including a twisted tooth. Dr. Charles A. Robertson and Dr. Nicholas Perry Orchard are happy to discuss the treatments for a twisted tooth available at our Corpus, Christi, TX dental practice. Patients should contact us to learn more about these services.


Often, if a tooth is twisted it is because the jaw is overcrowded and the tooth has been pushed out of its natural position. Orthodontic treatment is the best way to correct crooked teeth and a misaligned bite. Invisalign® straightens the teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires.

Instead, patients progress through a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. These aligners are far more comfortable, attractive, and convenient than braces, yet they are surprisingly effective. Invisalign® can straighten a twisted tooth and correct a patient’s bite within roughly the same timeframe as braces.

Porcelain Veneers

If a twisted tooth is not causing any other dental complications, patients can undergo cosmetic dentistry treatment to quickly improve the appearance of the smile. Porcelain veneers are a great option for a twisted tooth. Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain shells that we bond to the facial surface of the teeth. These fabrications conceal teeth that are twisted, misshaped, stained, chipped, or cracked. When veneers have been placed, they produce the appearance of a straight, white, even teeth. Porcelain veneers treatment addresses multiple flaws at once to completely make over the smile in just two dental appointments.

Dental Crowns

Another option for a twisted tooth is a dental crown. A dental crown completely surrounds the patient’s natural tooth. This treatment can strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by decay or other structural damage, in addition to improving its appearance.

Before placing a dental crown, our dentist will reshape the tooth to remove any damaged or cosmetically flawed tooth structure. The crown will then be bonded into place. Each crown is designed to meet the specific needs of each patient, so it blends in seamlessly with adjacent teeth.

At other dental practices, dental crown treatment typically requires at least two dental appointments, but thanks to our CEREC® technology, most dental crown treatments can be completed in just a single visit.

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There is no need to let a twisted tooth affect your smile. Dr. Charles A. Robertson and Nicholas Perry Orchard offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can enhance the beauty of your smile. To learn more about these services, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists at your earliest convenience.

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