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photo of a dental bridge and moldBroken and severely decayed teeth can be extremely painful, and the sooner you can restore lost balance and comfort in your smile, the better. Thanks to CEREC® technology, we can create and place custom dental crowns and bridges at our Corpus Christi office in a single visit, restoring the health and comfort or your smile faster than ever before. Whether you need to immediately address a damaged or missing tooth, or restore a dental implant, Drs. Nicholas Perry Orchard and Alejandro Vilamil can help your smile look and feel natural in a fraction of the time required using traditional methods. Contact us today to learn how dental crowns and bridges created at our Corpus Christi office can benefit you.

About Crowns and Bridges

Prosthetic teeth have been a staple of dentistry since the heyday of Ancient Egypt, when seashells were used to replace missing teeth; needless to say, it has come a long way since then! Crowns primarily function to cover the remaining healthy portions of a tooth that has been treated for damage or advanced decay. The result is a restored tooth that functions perfectly and blends in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.

A bridge serves to close a gap left by a missing tooth. A dental bridge consists of a false tooth, known as a pontic, that is attached to supporting prosthetics. Bridges may be anchored either by a dental implant, or by two adjacent dental crowns. Once in place, dental crowns and bridges placed at our Corpus Christi office will allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Creating Crowns and Bridges with CEREC®

If you wish to restore a tooth, the procedure will begin with your dentist removing the decayed or damaged portions of your tooth to create a healthy foundation. Next, a special digital imaging tool will take a virtual impression of the tooth (or gap, or dental implant), as well as the adjacent teeth. This information will be transferred to our CEREC® machine, which will use diamond-tipped milling tools to carve your crown or bridge from a single block of porcelain. CEREC® is an incredible new tool in modern dentistry that uses the same computer-aided drafting and manufacturing principles used since the late 1970s to engineer automobiles, oil rigs and more. Using this ultra-precise technology, you can expect a restoration that fits perfectly among your existing teeth, crafted in about an hour.

Caring for Your Crown or Bridge

We offer a ten-year guarantee on all our restorative treatments. Crowns and bridges are not expected to last forever, but with the proper care, you can count on them to provide you with many years of confident, healthy smiles. It is important to avoid chewing overly sticky or hard foods with your restoration. If your crown or bridge is dependant upon your natural teeth as an anchor, it is very important to brush and floss regularly, and undergo regular checkups. It is also important to alter your flossing technique; rather than moving floss up and down between your restoration and the adjacent natural tooth, pull the floss from front to back to avoid dislodging it.

Learn More about Crowns and Bridges

If you have damaged or missing teeth, or if you are considering dental implants, contact our Corpus Christi office today to learn more about how dental crowns and bridges can help you.

Orchard Dental Associates, PLLC

Orchard Dental Associates, PLLC

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